Covino & Rich— Friday 8\14\20

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  • 8:10 AM Shout out to all the weekly podcasters, but we do this show five days a week, give us our credit and tell your friends.
  • :15 AM Zac Efron has made the decision that he is moving to Australia because he’s over LA. When will we reach that point, because LA is toast and everyone is vacating the scene.
  • :21 AM Rich and Emmy shopped for his first big girl bike yesterday and shared a moment.
  • :25 AM Covino had a bonding moment with his daughter looking a photos, and we all think he should create her an album but he’s worried about his stress level during the process. But it was good for her because she was able to see mom and dad happy.
  • :48 AM David Blaine to attempt first stunt in decade: Flying over NYC holding balloons


  • :20 AM Covino made an offer on a house in Idaho and it went more than asking. What does it mean to buy with cash? When refinancing house many people do you recommended going to for rates?
  • :45 AM Rich’s mom is considering moving to Cockeysville and Rich has a brilliant idea of moving her into his Texas property but we’re weighing the pros and cons
  • :12 AM Rich’s dad’s mom is turning 96 and he is going to visit despite the pandemic because who knows if he has another year.


  • :31 AM Olivia Munn talks about her sex life for the first time with Whitney Cummings – she alluded to her ex being gay and everyone thinks its Aaron Rodgers.
  • :47 AM Seattle Seahawks cut rookie who tried to sneak woman disguised as a Seahawk player into hotel room.