Covino & Rich— Friday 7/19/19

Show Topics:

  • The boys are in Las Vegas for the fight and they honestly don’t know what to do with themselves. After the show yesterday Covino, Rich and Spot went to go eat, then they split up and took a nap. Then they met up to go to the gym and then a nap again. Later at night they played some roulette and were very unlucky. Rich has all this time on his hands since he isn’t doing dad life. The boys are so bored they are wondering what they even did with their life before they had kids. 
  • Rich recommends two netflix shows. Aziz Ansaris netflix show, “Master of None” is extremely funny and has a good undertone. And also the show, “Blown Away” where glass make different pieces every week in competitions. 
  • Covino and Rich debate on the difference between comic con fans and sports fans. Covino thinks that sports fans and comic-con super hero fans are at the same level of passion but being a fan of super heroes makes you a weirdo nerd. Rich says whatever your passionate shouldn’t matter, nothing makes you nerdier than another. 
  • Sex tip for the weekend, spell coconut while you are riding your dude. It’ll make them go crazy.
  • Covino and Rich got a chance to talk with Keith “One Time” Thurman. Covino asked him if he would want to take one of those huge posters home and hang it in his mansion. Thurman reveals he lives in an apartment and there is no space for that! One Time is excited to be fighting the legend PacMan tomorrow and hopes to beat him in the fourth round. 
  • If Covino won a million dollars and he had to spend it and can’t invest it he would buy a nice quality brand brand wallet or watch, like Louis Vuitton.  
  • Are above ground pools for poor people? Rich, Covino and Spot all grew up with these types of pools but are they for poor people or getting outdated? Their co-host on “Now or Never” Janelle is from Miami and has never seen or heard of this type of people before. In conclusion, above ground pools, even if it has a deck are for poor people. 
  • Rich is done with FaceApp. No, not because of the Russians but because its getting old (pun intended) and if you haven’t done it by now you are late to the party. 
  • The listener who was mad at Rich for shitting on his clothing brand is now retracting his message from yesterday. He direct messaged Rich that he was extremely hurt about what he said about the long sleeved polos he sent the boys. He even said. “I hope your wife and daughter have a weight issue.” Today he told Rich that it was all a joke and that he didn’t mean any of it.