Covino & Rich— Friday 7\17\20

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  • 8:10 AM What did we do yesterday? Covino had to complete his guest podcast appearance although he still isn’t 100% healthy, and Rich had to go to the dentist for a very pressing procedure.
  • :25 AM Now that the gyms are closed, Spot is conflicted to continue on in his fitness journey because it’s very pricey.
  • :33 AM Spot’s wife not letting him get a peloton sets Rich off! Asking permission in relationships, do you do it? Why? Etc. Rich’s theory is to be open as spouses for anything the other wants to live the best happy fulfilled life together.


  • :25 AM Rich’s wife Sara gets on the phone to clear his thought process of “doing whatever you want and not asking your spouse.”
  • :40 AM Friend In Need – A girl from ESPN met one of Rich’s softball buddies and is asking for the tea, but what does he say if he and the guy aren’t close?


  • :11 AM If you could write a note to your 18 year old self that only included four words, what would they be?
  • :20 AM What group/duo/band would you join into if you had the chance?
  • :38 AM A listener put up on our CNR listener page that she assumes those that believe in conspiracy theories have a very low level on intelligence… we believe there are levels to conspiracy theories – Big Foot vs The Wayfair child traffic  etc.