Covino & Rich— Friday, 7/12/19

Show Topics:

  • HAPPY FRIDAY or is it??! Today before the show Covino asked Spot for a code to get into the SiriusXm system to do the rock show. Spot has given Covino this code several times and feels like it isn’t his job to baby him. On the other hand, Covino thinks Spot was an asshole about it and if he loves him, just give him the damn code. This went on for about an hour and awkward burgers were definitely served. Shots were fired on both sides throughout the show, but at the end of the day, lets just hug it out!
  • This morning, Rich was on the phone with a life insurance agent regarding his mother in laws policy. He was unsure of what policy he should get because its all a gamble and doesn’t even know if it will be worth it. At the end of the day, Rich decided to do the life insurance policy. 
  • There are Five Languages of Love: Words of Affirmation, Gifts, Acts of Service, Quality Time, and Physical Touch. To have a successful relationship, it is important to understand what your partner “speaks” in order to fulfill his or her needs. Covino and Jordyn celebrated their 2 year anniversary recently.  He came home and saw a gift on the table that were his favorite things stuck on a stick in shape of a bouquet. Covino didn’t even realize it was for him cause he isn’t used to getting gifts. Although he really appreciated the thought, he believes he is a words of affirmation kind of guy. 
  • A listener reached out with a Friend in Need story. He matched with a woman on a dating site and wanted to know if there was a right way to ask that person if their friend in one of their pictures is single. The guys think its totally okay if he asks that, as long as he approaches it with kindness. On the other hand from a woman’s standpoint, Sasha thinks its totally wrong and offensive.