Covino & Rich— Friday 7\10\20

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  • 8:09 AM Last Night Covino watched “So I Married an Axe Murderer” because we all stan Mike Myers, but it didn’t go so well! Rich also attempted to watch “Mucho Mucho Amor” and it’s just not for everyone; Speaking of Netflix, the film “Only” gives a weird honorable mention to Covino…
  • :33 AM Rich is enjoying all that Texas has to offer, his recent dinner has us thinking about how we will never decline an invite when life is back to normal because we miss being out and about.
  • :36 AM Rajon Rondo reacted to his hotel accommodations for the NBA bubble. Would you b*tch and moan about a room that isn’t top tier?


  • :14 AM Instead of taking the Spot approach to everything and googling, isn’t it nice to spark of a convo with those around you about something you don’t know?
  • :17 AM Are you getting the same quality Starbucks if you go to the Target Starbucks?
  • :25 AM Do you think that some people will work or live a life they hate until they completely hit a rock bottom…
  • :05 AM Rich’s Rock Bottom involves an open house, a depressed Rich, a breakup, a hang over and waking up in a bush outside.


  • :27 AM Ran Dumb News –  Zion Williamson’s stepfather took $400K payment. Trump threatens to ban the app Tik Tok in USA. A guy in Oregon stole a car and crashed the car into a woman who stole a car… talk about karma!
  • :49 AM Covino is celebrating his three year anniversary with his girlfriend and of course Rich brings up the proposing question.