Covino & Rich Show Recap: Friday 6-28-19

Covino & Rich— Friday, 6/28/19

  • Covino is happy because he feels that they are at the point now where people at least have heard of them or recognize their name. Chris Jericho stopped by the studio a few months ago for an interview. Just last night he had an interview with Barstool sports and he mentioned that he didn’t know which one was Rich or Covino. 
  • The show opened up with Busta Rhymes verse in the song “Look at me Now” No one can rap to his songs because he goes so unbelievably fast you can’t even understand what hes saying. 
  • Today Jeff, an old intern, stopped by the studio to say hi! He mentioned he ran into another old intern who was a good looking frat guy back in the day. Now he’s overweight and gained about 100 plus lbs. 
  • Sasha brought up how before we judge him we should think it may be medical. College students these days party so much and also drugs like adderall and xanax are so accessible. Rick and Covino said they never had Adderall in there days. They only had alcohol, weed and the occasional.
  • Covino today is pondering if he really is living his best life. He lives in LA but all he does is work and on the weekends, he goes to the gym and watch Netflix. Covino says he sees all these people on Instagram going on vacations and going clubbing so often. Rich reassured him that he does go on trips occasionally and that he needs to stop comparing himself to other people.
  • These days the MLB is the boring girl who doesn’t give head. On the other hand, the NBA is the girl who sticks her ass up and gives the stoppy toppy. Baseball has become a complete failure. Rich thinks it had not evolved and it is an old white man’s game. The NBA off season is more interesting than the actual MLB season. NBA has so much drama that hooks fans in. Baseball is missionary sex.
  • In other news, a 21 year old girl was on vacation in the Bahamas with her family. Sadly she was attacked and killed by three sharks. Her family saw the sharks approaching her and yelled to warn her but she didn’t hear them in time. Rich was just in the Bahamas a month ago. This could’ve happened to anybody.