Covino & Rich— Friday 6\19\20

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  • 8:08 AM  Rich is far too overjoyed that today is National Flip Flop day and he seems to be the only grown man who believes in wearing flip flops whenever he can… meanwhile everyone else is chanting put those toes away!
  • :13 AM Also we’re acknowledging today is Juneteenth, and how some have never heard about the day. Given that the day surrounds the state of TX, we talk about the significance of being taught state history.
  • :59 AM Rich is driving home an idea that Covino would never give those who weren’t like him a chance in his past life, due to the fact of his high judgement towards guys who wears flip flops.


  • :30 AM Spot has the opportunity to go back to teaching yoga, but he is on the fence! What have you quit? Rich talks about his story quitting sports as a kid and a fraternity because his college radio job came first.
  • :45 AM Ran Dumb News: Jamie Foxx to play Mike Tyson, boycotting AMC is trending, people are dropping their Venmo on social media…


  • :11 AM An anonymous listener hits Rich up asking for advice, if it’s weird to go into a house to drop off the food as a deliver guy when the woman invites him in nearly nude…
  • :27 AM For the new dads, Rich has a hot tip that will mean a lot to the wives that will win you brownie points!
  • :32 AM A teacher gives a very real experiment to teach kids the meaning and effects of racism through eye-color.
  • :45 AM See Brady Bunch Stars Maureen McCormick and Eve Plumb Tackle Home Renos in New HGTV Show.