Covino & Rich— Friday 6\12\20

Show Topics:                                                                                                    


  • 8:03 AM The coolest and most odd thing, is that we have an audio dairy to look back on for the rest of our lives and many people don’t get to experience that. We’re thinking about the life lived, and we walk through what happened on 7/8/2009.
  • :30 AM Have you ever noticed that in Back To The Future III the creepy kid pointing to his man-meat?!
  • :46 AM Will our kids/ next generation learn the same way via Textbook or YouTube? How will they learn about Black Lives Matter or COVID-19?


  • :09 AM Does a song get popular on Tik Tok or does it get popular with radio and then goes wild on Tik Tok? Also singer Shaggy has resurfaced with a new song and his classics are spiking on Tik Tok, remember that time Shaggy let Rich down with his accent?
  • :30 AM The greatest Pop-Rock bands of our life in the 2000s…
  • :44 AM Smut Tales: Rich reveals a deep secret of the past. He was tasked with finding women to be in the pool the outdoor NY Zootopia concert and all his workers thought he had sex with the girls in the pool during the concert and its not true.


  • :17 AM Friend In Need: Is it better to be financially successful and miss out on family moments, or to barely scrape by and miss many great moments?
  • :46 AM Life when we first lived in LA was so chill and less responsibly, but it’s safe to say we hated life.