Covino & Rich— Friday 5\29\20

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  • 8:02 AM Rich is in full Energizer Bunny mode today, and we really can’t get on his level, but we love him for it!
  • :13 AM Covino had to evacuate his house for 4 hrs. because his place was infested with spiders, and this led to him eating Carl’s Jr. which is totally against his diet.
  • :25 AM Tik Tok is all the rage, have you heard this Kardashian clip on Tik Tok? Also, Covino’s girlfriend is loving it, making for an interesting household… lol she got Covino to make a lame Tik Tok on a broom.
  • :40 AM 2020 is the worst year ever, look at the racial divide due to the killing of George Floyd. It’s disheartening. Also, good luck finding a jury that hasn’t heard of this…


  • :22 AM Rich often takes a walk post show to wrap calls before heading home to the family, yesterday two attractive girls in a car flashed him and drove off and we aren’t sure if this a true story.
  • :46 AM Why do women often tell you a problem they are facing and follow it up with not wanting a solution?


  • :20 AM After Rich sees the poll results on if listeners believe his flashing story, we’re back on the topic, even getting wife Sara on the phone for confirmation.
  • :30 AM Today’s lesson, “mind your own business,” did you see the video of the man calling the cops on black men who pay for the shared office space?
  • :43 AM Covino had his eye on a sneaker that turned out to be fake and given the anticipation, he was highly disappointed.