Covino & Rich— Friday 5\22\20

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  • 8:10 AM Rich’s alarm goes off at the start of the show and it’s that lame song Covino dislikes ‘The Wind’ by Cat Stevens.
  • :22 AM What if we all took a camping trip somewhere together in July since we’ve been quarantined together the entire time. What’s the harm? We all need something to look forward to.
  • :39 AM Mark Zuckerberg says employees moving out of Silicon Valley may face pay cuts. Is it fair or not because the company will adjust your pay to fit the city you move to..


  • :26 AM Sports players are set to lose their “on the road” momentum due to the “NBA Bubble,” which means no more girls on the road.
  • :28 AM Call Her Daddy podcast is feuding with barstool because the two host are accusing Barstool Sports of silencing woman.
  • :40 AM Joe Biden did an interview with The Breakfast Club and said a controversial statement, ‘If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.’


  • :22 AM The failure of small businesses is only propelling big businesses. The amount of businesses shutting down will effect the real estate around them… and think about those business that opened right before the pandemic, they’re hurting big time.
  • :41 AM Documentaries we’re excited for, Tom Brady and Sammy Sosa.
  • :52 AM Elon Musk said that College is for fun and not for learning and a degree is not evidence for exceptional abilities.