Covino & Rich— Friday 5\15\20

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  • 8:05 AM Covino has a very odd relationship with 7-Eleven and it’s the best thing yet! Can’t find Covino, check Club 7-Eleven!
  • :14 AM Rich made his most expensive grocery store run yet and little does he know, it’s only going to get worse as the kids grow up.
  • :18 AM Rich plans to use Spot’s cast-iron skillet and we are all very nervous, for the pan, not Rich… Rich eventually threats to buy his own skillet after so much doubt from Spot, Covino and the CARLS. Have you ever gotten an erection from some amazing food? Steak needs to be medium rare and nothing else (:47 AM).


  • :15 AM Covino’s 7-Eleven pick up involves pistachio’s, but shell or no shell?
  • :30 AM Today is the anniversary of Sara giving birth to Rich’s daughter on air …
  • :39 AM Since Rich has been experiencing his sons baby boners, we are very curious about the cycle of a boner. Does it leave as a baby and return when puberty hits… we’re taking your calls.


  • :09 AM SiriusXM released a video for 2020 graduates for motivation given the circumstances, and our inspirational words were cut to be made the butt of the joke, and it’s all good.
  • :15 AM Tom Papa pops in to discuss his new podcast, his newest book release, addressing Spot wanting to have a bake off, the future of comedy and much more.
  • :48 AM We’re all having to adjust to the fake crowd noises that at home broadcast shows are now using.
  • :51 AM Barstool Sports’ Dave Portnoy unleashes profane rant over coronavirus lockdown.