Covino & Rich— Friday 5\1\20

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  • 8:06 AM Dr. Fauci says don’t wiggle too soon and we can’t help but move in our seats! Do you think Fauci was honor to have Brad Pitt play him on SNL?
  • :21 AM Airlines are considering changing the middle seat to face the opposite direction, away with serving food etc…
  • :38 AM Our hearts go out to the kids during this time because their adolescence is being robbed from them. Emmy (Rich’s Daughter) keeps wanting to hang out with Covino and Spot and it’s probably because she’s tired of mom and dad.
  • :45 AM Everyone seems to be watching “Can’t Hardly Wait” and it’s bringing back all old thoughts. Thinking of the 90s, what do you define as hot compared to today?


  • :20 AM White women are trending on social media because they claim being called “Karen” is the same as the N word!
  • :49 AM Rich is having a huge coffee debacle after realizing his Nespresso doesn’t work… he eventually gets on the phone with customer support and the lady fixes all his problems with one easy step
  • :17 AM Sara made Emmy homemade finger paint and Rich slipped, butt first into the arts and crafts.


  • :30 AM A viral video from 2017 resurfaces and it’s Covino’s first time seeing it, apparently he’s the only one. The video however was very touching as a dad and son shared a special baseball moment.
  • :39 AM An article claims the 1999 was the greatest year of music and we are here to debate that!