Covino & Rich— Friday 4\17\20

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  • 8:05 AM Quarantine buddies; singles who have elected that one person to be their “go-to.” People are more horned up than ever!
  • :19 AM What can you do during the quarantined weekend to make it feel like the weekend?
  • :28 AM Kids are driving parents crazy with their creatives, as Rich is living this, we recall back on how Covino got through it being OCD…
  • :42 AM Dr. Phil slammed for comparing coronavirus deaths to car accidents, drowning… the stages of re-entering society.


  • :15 AM Spot is Guy Fieri without the flames! We checked out Guy’s Food Network audition tape and we get the fame! Spot also sent into an audition tape to be a Food Network star, and this is news to us!
  • :32 AM Apparently Covino has never cooked for his girlfriend Jordyn…
  • :40 AM Did you catch Trump’s speech? He has such an arrogance you hate to love.
  • :49 AM US explores possibility that coronavirus spread started in Chinese lab, not a market… what would the repercussion be if this were true?


  • :14 AM Dr. Fauci gave the biggest side eye at a press conference recently and it’s so sassy!
  • :22 AM How do companies and landlords expect for residents to take the three month break and immediately pay in full while experiencing hardship?
  • :30 AM Mortgages and taxes and the idea that the banks success in the market determines our freedom.