Covino & Rich— Friday 3\6\20

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  • 8:02 AM Rich wants to play a game to start the show but Covino doesn’t like playing games. Covino was never really into board games. They bored him. But Rich wants to play a game that includes Coronavirus.
  • :10 Coronavirus porn has a lot of searches on the internet. CNR watch coronavirus porn video and learn more in one minute of porn that they do watching the entire news coverage of the virus.
  • Spot and Rich debate about the Coronavirus. Are people panicking too much?
  • :42 Back to Rich’s game. You have to sing for 20 seconds while washing your hands. Spot and Archie sing songs for 20 seconds while a hand washing sound effect plays on air.


  • 9:02 AM Covino doesn’t order double-doubles at In-And-Out. Rich says everyone gets a double double when they go there. He also has never eaten a whooper. Spot and Rich cannot believe Covino has never eaten a Big Mac or a Whopper. What made Covino the way he is about food?
  • :25 Alex from Boston has a problem with Covino and Rich. Spot calls him out on it and the caller acts like a little kid.
  • :37 Rich’s deep thought of the day. Rich is trying to predict the future in 10 years. What is not worth the worry today. What do people say when they are on their deathbed?


  • 10:02 AM Conversation continues and Covino says that he would not have gotten married. Give people experiences, not materials. Most of things that we care about now are universal and everyone has those stresses.
  • :23 Speaking of the future and the past… Where’s Brady going? Clinton says he had an affair to monitor the anxiety he was dealing with. CNR and spot trade Clinton impersonations.
  • :43 What was Clinton thinking when he got a blowjob inside the oval office? Spot does a hilarious impression of Clinton.
  • :47 Spot’s supernatural story.