Covino & Rich— Friday 3\13\20


  • 8:02 AM Rich sent his mother in law to the store to brave the mad rush. Spot went to the store and there was nothing left on the shelves. The entire meat section was cleared out. All the soup and sauce was gone. Covino went out to the store too and he’s not going to stay in at all. 
  • :30 AM  Spot still thinks that panic is too much. This is an unprecedented response. There’s been other diseases that didn’t warrant this type of response. 
  • :46 AM Walton Goggins was a top 10 interview that Covino and rich ever had. Caller says thank you for giving him a nice laugh.


  • 9:12 AM Covino’s first meeting for his new contract is today. He just doesn’t want them to lowball him because this week has sucked for everyone.
  • :29 AM Quintin’s ideas. Art museums are overrated. Kevin Love commits $100,000 to workers. What did Covino get at the restaurant he went to?


  • 10:17 AM What are people talking about that isn’t about the Coronavirus? Covino went to a restaurant last night. It’s a rare night that he gets off. It was a mediocre experience at best. He stepped into a huge puddle, then had to go to Ralphs with his wet sock.
  • :30 AM Covino doesn’t abide by the normal traffic rules for walking in LA. It’s an east coast thing. Rich says that LA traffic is very strict and they will give you a ticket if are Jaywalking.
  • :42 AM Covino, Rich and Spot recount road rage incidents. Rich says people drive in a different style than the east coast. They don’t give the courtesy wave when you let them in on the highway.