Covino & Rich— Friday 2\28\20

Show Topics:

HOUR 1         

  • 8:05 AM Covino is the most excited for sleeping in tomorrow because it’s Saturday.  Covino will be waking up at 10 am tomorrow morning.
  • :18 It’s a big day for Covino and Rich because they get to interview David Beckham. Covino doesn’t care too much because he isn’t a soccer fan. A lot of people are hyping up the interview. CNR and spot go back and forth talking in an English accent.
  • :51 Covino receives hate mail from a listener. People feel that Covino and Rich are personally insulting them. Covino was talking about how Fred Durst looks old and a listener took offense.


  • 9:25 AM Coming back from break, Spot plays hilarious soundbites of funny things Rich has said on air.
  • :42 CNR start the countdown of Sarah’s Top 10 things that Rich says.
  • :48 At #8, Rich realizes that he doesn’t get good answers from his wife.


  • 10:08 AM #1 on the list is “Pause it, Pause it, Pause it.” Covino then proceeds to have fun talking in the Rich Davis voice.
  • :26 Rich opens a package on air to reveal that his son received a pair of Jordan sneakers from the great people at Sirius XM ON-Demand.
  • :33 Rich recounts the best moments of 2009, which include the birth of Covino’s daughter and the release of Avatar.
  • CNR agree that Avatar didn’t really have that big of an impact on them.
  • :40 Garth Brooks was wearing a Barry Sanders jersey at a concert in Detroit recently. He got called out because people thought that it was a Bernie Sanders jersey, especially because the number of the jersey was 20. Rich has a problem with people who have radical views.