Covino & Rich— Friday 2\21\20

Show Topics:          

HOUR 1         

  • 8:06 AM Never feel embarrassed for not knowing what something is on a menu at a famous restaurant. Covino asked what potatoes were. Rich went on a rant that Covino is dumb for not knowing.
  • :24 Fury’s key to success is to bully the bully. Leads right into little dwarf boy being bullied debate.
  • Spot has a different stance on the entire situation. Spot’s first instinct wouldn’t be to pull out a camera and start recording his little boy who’s crying. Spot just questions the motive of the mother filming the viral video.
  • :47 Rich hates people with British accents and starts to replace “my” with “me”.


  • 9:05 AM Quintin’s Ideas. How do you fit 157 pounds of weed into your car? Who would want a beef candle? Archie wants a beef candle.
  • Are you a bad person if you don’t wish your Facebook friend a happy birthday after receiving the notification?
  • :27 Dietary restrictions are always on people’s minds. You are what you eat. Perfect example is at the airport and seeing two people ahead of Rich. One really fat guy buys 3 butterfingers. Another really skinny women buys a water and a healthy bar.
  • :33 Rich is at a crossroads with his diet. Has to juggle 2 jobs, 2 kids and a dog with going to the gym. He needs to change his diet but he’s having a tough time deciding.


  • 10:13 AM Randy Gordon joins the show! He has a tough time picking between anyone but Wilder for the fight.
  • :20 Shawn Porter joins the show! He has not had this much fun in the week of boxing ever. Loves the fact that ESPN and Fox are teaming up for the fight.
  • :30 Rich brings his daughter to a birthday party and doesn’t know if he should buy gifts. He also doesn’t know how to really interact with the kids parents. He asks the question: Do you stay the outcast and keep to yourself or do you cater to the other people and engage in conversation?
  • :46 Spot catches Covino putting chap stick on his sneakers to preserve them instead of on his lips. Rich thought Spot caught Covino putting chap stick down his pants.