Covino & Rich— Friday 11\8\19

Show Topics:


  • 8:05 AM Wearing hats because of the letter and not the sports team.
  • :08 AM Eddie Murphy reminds us when the only time to use the F word.
  • :13 AM Rich’s advice on how to get out of a friend asking for money, the phrases that will save you time and money.
  • :20 AM Dawn Covino is trending because she is both and female and Spot has the answer as to how this is. Oh, not Covino’s sister!
  • :24 AM The guys are going to Mexico City for a game and Spot has recommendations as to where to go. Covino is toying with the idea of seeing family, but knows he’s not the best rep for the family. (:31 AM) Spot brings out the translator for guidance. (:37 AM) Covino’s mom calls in and lays down the law!
  • :48 AM Rich’s dad, Greg’s new wife is Russian and he has figured out the lay of the land when visiting. Rich is always jealous of his dad’s new son, Roma! (:59 AM) Greg is on the phone explaining how to get through foreign streets.


  • 9:21 AM Rapper T.I. takes his daughter to the OBGYN to get her Heyman checked and it’s creepy! (:31 AM) When will you have the sex talk with your daughter, Covino?
  • :44 AM Get ready for Ellis Mania, who do you got?
  • :49 AM A mom is in the headlines for how she disciplined her son after many comments of terror for the child. Abuse or parenting? This is a hot topic between C&R, Archie chimes in with the cultural difference, and many callers. (The segment goes until 10:22 AM)


  • 10:33 AM UK mom threatens to beat a kid after her child was bullied. Some would say it’s disturbing.
  • :39 AM John Legend’s new song is too “woke” for us during Christmas time!
  • :46 AM Antonio Brown bashed the NFL and said it was a bad place for black people, following it up with an apology.
  • :48 AM Reddit User breaks down the James Harden game performances by the strip clubs he attends.