Covino & Rich— Friday 11\6\20

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  • 8:04 AM Covino’s mom mistaking our Mr. Scream sound for Chip Gaines gets us talking about our favorite guy! Chip Gaines on how Saul “Shorty” Sanchez is living the best life now when the show ‘Fixer Upper’ is ended. FYI the undertone of our show will have an HGTV feel now that we are both in new homes. Tonight Rich and his wife are going live on social attempting to use a paint gun on their TX home in preparing for his mom.
  • :42 AM How to break into your own home when you lock the keys inside…
  • :54 AM “Forgiveness is more than saying sorry,” that must be how the Red Sox feel as they will rehire Alex Cora as manager.


  • :37 AM All things voting: The ballot update; what is taking so long; how do we know everything is credible; Rich Santorum missed his calling, he would of been the great wrestler; Anderson Cooper – Trump’s like an ‘obese turtle on his back flailing in the hot sun realizing his time is over.’
  • :50 AM How we expect Trump to fold… do you think his supporters will cause riots… do you see Trump attending the inauguration if he loses?


  • :25 AM Update on Covino’s HOA saturation after being fined – he is still waiting to hear back after she consults with the board.
  • :34 AM What do you call it, a couch or a sofa?