Covino & Rich— Friday 11\22\19

Show Topics:


  • 8:08 AM Rich is losing his voice, noticed as he was warming up for the day while singing. What song were you singing
  • :11 AM Can people really change? You’ll be you at the end of the day, the only think that will change is your actions. Is there an age where you reach that moment?
  • :17 AM The husband and wife drama on our listener Facebook page has taken a turn. Do you get jealous or feel a certain way when your wife gets a compliment. The backstory of this social post is explained. What’s the objective in putting these things on social media (:42 AM).
  • :25 AM Covino is stressed out about the holiday season. We revisit this conversation (:45 AM) the stress that he feels of not wanting to go but forcing himself out to enjoy holiday parties. He has huge anxiety towards the events around the season.


  • :15 AM Ran Dumb News – Mayweather is coming out of retirement and Dana White is teaming up with him. Telsa new truck is all the rage, we go through the features and Covino wants to buy it (:17 AM). Myles Garrett helmet swing is back in the headlines with the attempt to make it racial (:39 AM).
  • :53 AM Spot chimes in on his thoughts about the Tesla. Yay or Nay?


  • :15 AM Spot and Rich have beef that they need to settle. Maria Menounos is having an upcoming holiday party and Spot wants Rich and his wife to change their party date, which is the same date to make cupcakes with Maria.
  • :27 AM Tim Robbins is here!
  • :34 AM He talks about his songs movie VHYES
  • :39 AM Shawshank Redemption, the inside scoop and how important that film was to many
  • :44 AM Tim weighs in on the Tesla Truck
  • :45 AM What Tim Robbins splurges on (Food and Trips)
  • :46 AM The legacy he wants to leave behind
  • :48 AM Mark Ruffalo is one of Tim’s favorites
  • :51 AM Tim talks about his latest film, Dark Waters