Covino & Rich— Friday 11\1\19

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  • 8:00 AM We all get a little behind schedule, Archie briefly overslept and Rich’s theory is that for those under 30, you get an occasional pass to maybe oversleep, especially when you do quality work. Covino agrees, but can’t relate because he’s never made a mistake in his 20s.
  • Finally Halloween is over, and Covino now accepts his Buzz Lightyear look was for good laughs. On their ESPN show last night, Rich wore the “Saved by the Bell” wig, but only because the black hairstylist cut and clipped it to his liking. To wrap up the Halloween fun, who slayed Halloween this year? Rich says the fat kid dressed up like Varsity Blues; and now that that’s over bring on the Christmas music!!!
  • 8:30 AM Times have changed when it comes to Halloween, now parents get all dressed up and assist, our parents would let us roam free. Do you remember your last costume as a kid?
  • 8:38 AM The 49ers game was last night and Richy is happy! They are 8-0 and did you see what happened post game between Jimmy Garoppolo and Erin Andrews? She was blushing, no other person could have flirted in that way or it would have been a spectacle, “It feels great baby!”
  • “This year was more funny over sexy” – Rich Davis
  • 8:53 AM Patrick Patterson of the Clippers was Nutty Professor for Halloween and it’s making us miss Sherman Klump. Let’s watch the best scene from the movie, Eddie and Chapple together.


  • “Ok Boomer” shirts are all the rage! In a viral audio clip on TikTok, a white-haired man in a baseball cap and polo shirt declares, “The millennials and Generation Z have the Peter Pan syndrome, they don’t ever want to grow up.” ‘OK Boomer’ Marks the End of Friendly Generational Relations. Now it’s war: Gen Z has finally snapped over climate change and financial inequality.
  • Wait, how did Rich do yesterday surrounded by candy on his new diet? Rich announces he’ll get a meal subscription service to maintain this new diet.
  • 9:25 AM Rich’s dilemma to return his white Air Force 1’s, which were only used for the costume, and Covino bashes him for how cheap he is.
  • 9:36 AM What are your plans for Thanksgiving?
  • Listener poses the question, did you ever actually tell the makeup lady you hate your Buzz Lightyear transformation…
  • 9:43 AM how did we not know about the prank of pooping in people pumpkins, or throwing doggie do inside the pumpkin? This is genius, according to Rich.
  • 9:45 AM How do you handle when your usual laidback partner goes off about something you did? Do you listen or address, making the argument bigger? The story is, Rich blocked out trick or treating time with the family from 4-6pm and while Emmy wasn’t cooperating, he dashed to the store to buy those white Halloween shoes and promised he’d be back in 10 minutes, that turned into 12. The big issue that wife Sara had was, she was disappointed because he missed the makeup application process for photos with Emmy. She had an emotional break down, because she always captures moments with him and Emmy and she doesn’t get that in return.


  • 10:08 AM Sara is on the phone, letting Rich have it while she’s in public, slowly breaking into tears. She stresses the point that on a daily basis she takes great memory photos.
  • 10:37 AM Sara calls back to say that he isn’t present in home life, as he just said, making that a lie. She says all he does is take calls and emails and goes on to say that maybe he doesn’t know her anymore.
  • 10:49 AM Rich agrees to mount a GoPro on his head so he doesn’t miss anything.