Covino & Rich— Friday 10\9\20

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  • 8:16 AM Covino remembers when he worked at a clothing store and “Mr. Butt” would come in when the store was closing and he would interrupt the closing flow. Don’t you hate when you’re in your closing process at work and someone walks in?
  • :22 AM Rich has a story about holding the door for someone and it immediately back firing as he’s now behind this guy.
  • :40 AM Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ Tom Brady: Focusing on yards, not first down, was wrong approach. Tom Brady shockingly lost track of downs on final play of loss and NFL fans had jokes.


  • :04 AM Henry Winkler is here talking about his time introducing Weezer, when he will talk sh*t about someone, his daughter being proposed to do reality TV and his reaction, why he’s such a hoarder, his relationship with Adam Sandler, his latest book release of “Alien Superstar” etc.
  • :50 AM Ran Dumb News – Trump going viral on Twitter in regards to “regeneron”, Alien Tape etc.


  • :12 AM Rich got the call and it looks like he is moving forward with his new fixer-upper home!
  • :35 AM As we gear up for another weekend, we jump into our sports predictions and news around weekend sports…
  • :41 AM Guinness World Records was a book that came out of the beer company wanting people to have something to talk about at the bar … they are synonymous. MIND BLOWN.