Covino & Rich— Friday 10\30\20

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  • 8:11 AM Our hot take about the Falcons and their latest win, the cowboys, the jets, how Russell Wilson carries the Seattle Seahawks, and what to expect from Steelers vs The Ravens this weekend.
  • :28 AM Covino goes on record that his move yesterday was the worst day ever! When it comes to moving, do you pack your own items? Covino had trouble with his movers as they were behind schedule, also breaking items and once at the new location drama with his neighborhood Karen calling the cops on him for being loud during a move and Fred, the HOA president giving him a hard time too. Welcome home!


  • :34 AM We welcome Marcus Lemonis to the show! He is here talking how important it is as a leader to connect with everyone in the room, his love for business, his advice on starting businesses this season, his new plan to give back to women and minorities, the current state of stocks, what the future of malls looks like etc.


  • :27 AM On Rich’s Texas drive, he noticed how other radio shows are slacking and that was a good boost for what we do here on CNR. Also, since Rich is the poop king, he thought of us on the road because we can’t understand how he can “go” anywhere all the time!
  • :30 AM We talk about the middle ground for this season. As it’s Halloween, are you judging others for celebrating or taking their kids out etc.