Covino & Rich— Friday 10\25\19

Show Topics:

  • Rich got feedback that no one understands his theory of keeping the same energy when kids are in the studio, while Covino thinks differently. Covino brings up that we are the only show that lets listeners in the studio, and we might have to stop because someone could kill us. 
  • Buddy Mcgirt stopped by their ESPN show and he had no regard for his stomach being out.
  • Covino tells the story of a public feud, between Joet Gonzalez and Shakur Stevenson. We’re made to think the boyfriend (Steveson) is a piece of trash and he tore up the family. The dad has disowned the daughter because she is with this guy. The story is so juicy that we are all watching this boxing match between the two, now. We ask Spot his experience because his sister dated a trash guy.
  • Listeners are stuck on yesterday’s show talking about Rich not using a blender, getting back into that conversation, Rich promises to go live on Instagram making his first smoothie.
  • We creep on Jordyn’s sister’s boyfriend and compare him to Covino and how much of a beefcake he is. Covino is going to visit his girl’s family this weekend, good luck keeping up with that guy!
  • Callers call in with many stories of them being the outcast-ed guy from at first or vice versa.
  • Rich went in to voice track and the studio was trashed, people can be so rude in the workplace about upkeep, this is a new building. 
  • People can relate all over the world to a dirty workplace, from microwaves, counters, etc. Pick up after yourself.
  • All of California is burning and when Covino took a nap yesterday and woke up to smoke and ash right outside his window – he freaked. It finally affected him so now he cares – he goes to work, avoiding it and finds out that school and trunk or treat is canceled. So now he’s taking his daughter to a Halloween festival since he’s off work. But it’s a bummer for Melody.
  • Nate Diaz is on pause because his test results said that he can’t fight due to drugs and he takes a stand, and we applaud his stance! 
  • During the last hour of the show, Spot is having a debate online with a guy that said he should have a heart attack, it gets nasty! 
  • Rich brings up a valid point, why do people brag about how overworked and underpaid they are, to feel pity because they have nothing else? It’s slightly annoying. Also, why do people always think they can do what others do as if it’s a walk in the park; maybe we should take it as a compliment. 
  • Somehow Rich had no idea that it’s Friday!