Covino & Rich— Friday 10\11\19

Show Topics:

  • Every day is a challenge because there’s a camera crew in studio and some days we forget and we end up looking crazy, so don’t judge.
  • We love Rich’s Story time and this one didn’t disappoint. Back in his old radio days people thought he did hard drugs (cocaine) because he’s naturally a jittery person. Since we’re talking drugs, when was the first time you saw someone do drugs in front of you?
  • Have you compromised who you are in order to sleep with someone? Have you changed yourself to impress a woman?
  • Work life balance: the sacrifices that we make in order to raise families becomes a long topic of relevant information. Spot thinks Rich and Covino are crazy for thinking they need to work more, when they actually need to invest in more quality time. At the end of the day we all work so hard for security and expenses.
  • Francia James is a former Playboy bunny who’s become a big sensation because she bares (nearly) all for social media and was on TMZ for an incident with a police officer in Miami.  Given that we has an ass expert in the building, Spot is told to show his cheeks as she reviews them… yes, we all actually saw Spot’s “Tasty Pasty Cheeks.”
  • Ran Dumb News: Big Papi with Tito’s vodka surprise, Walterweight Champion car crash, Movies, and family distractions.