Covino & Rich— Friday 1\22\21

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  • 8:04 AM We remember Steve Urkel on a flashback Friday… Urkel had some great catch phrases!
  • :10 AM Ran Dumb News – Officials admit Draymond Green’s ejection for yelling at James Wiseman was mistake; Hank Aaron has died.
  • :24 AM Remember the A Rod vs Jeter dynamic… who’s more mammoth? Speaking of which, A Rod is such a happy guy because he is with JLO… did you hear she said she’s done nothing to her face?
  • :57 AM Playing a random phone call game with spot, scroll through your phone and land on a name and call …


  • :19 AM Rich now wants Spot to randomly Facetime someone and that’s not happening! So let’s see Rich do it…
  • :28 AM Ran Dumb News – Godzilla vs King Kong is coming to HBOMax; Dustin Poirier vs. Conor McGregor 2 weigh-in staredown.
  • :37 AM When will your house be complete? How long before you’re really in a place?
  • :48 AM We’ve become so bored over the pandemic, if money wasn’t an option, what hobby would you have picked up?


  • :23 AM Those people that are into cartoon/anime porn are so weird, but what cartoon would you actually have sex with?
  • :33 AM Do you permanently identify with the place you grew up or when is the point where you claim new city territory?
  • :44 AM People getting the “raw deal,” those that missed the right timing and got the short end of the stick (gays in the 70s, being locked up for something that’s now legal, buying a peloton before a sale etc.)