Covino & Rich Show Recap: 9-14-16

Covino & Rich –  Wednesday, 9/14/16

Show Topics

  • C&R revisit Hillary Clinton – Covino brings up a video of Clinton having a coughing fit and spitting up something awful. Rich double checked the video to make sure it was real and un-doctored. Covino reached out to two listeners who are doctors and asked them what they thought. They discuss the responses they got from their listeners.

  • Covino’s singing lead to an accident – Covino was singing Adele in his car, backing up in Rich’s parking garage and hit a beam in while looking in the rear view. He’s convinced it was because he was singing Adele, maybe he’s just a bad driver, had an accident a few months back
  • Rich is an expert on everything – Covino harps on Rich for being a know it all. Rich doesn’t understand why he gets mad when Rich has had experience in the things they are discussing.
  • Covino is done eating garbage and sugar – He gets eaters remorse. Rich read an article when he gave up sugar and alcohol for a month. Rich gave up coffee for a month once, he felt terrible.
  • Trader Joe’s – Rich gets reeled in by a Trader Joe’s prepped meal. He loved the free sample so much that he bought it and made it for dinner. Rich and his wife can’t ever decide what to eat for dinner. Rich’s wife is the most indecisive person.
  • Antonio Brown celebrated in the end zone with twerking – it got him fined by the NFL. Someone super imposed him twerking in the Kanye West video for “Fade.”

  • C&R have an internet troll – Their troll keeps texting them. Spot is engaging him and texting him back. Rich thinks it’s a kid that is just messing with them.
  • Stories to talk about – 400 students show up outside the home of their principal who is battle very aggressive cancer. The students sing for him on his front lawn. The Hangover bus – In Las Vegas they have a bus that will come to you with a saline bag and help you out. Emily Ratajowski gets heat from Tim Gunn for a revealing dress
  • A friend in need – Covino’s sister has a friend whose father is going to prison for a crime. His sister’s friend never brought it up but she found out about it on the  news, What does Covino’s sister do? Many people suggest to approach from a place of concern and she can’t be upset