Covino & Rich Show Recap: 7-18-16

Covino & Rich –  Monday, 7/18/16

Show Topics

  • Covino’s weekend adventures – went to a place he never knew existed, Balboa Island in orange county, it was a beautiful fairy tale place, Covino was the 2nd darkest person there, who settles in places like this and how can they afford to do it, saw a possible soap opera star
  • Silent Discos – Covino stumbled upon a silent disco in his neighborhood, everyone wears headphones and dances around, he hates things like this but go so much joy out of watching others do it, people being anti-social
  • Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian twitter feud – Swift denied she had any conversation with Kanye prior to him releasing a lyric about her, Kardashian posted the video of the conversation taking place, she rebutted by saying it was more aggressive than West let on, more things showing that Taylor Swift might be a bit more fake than we realize
  • Popular songs of summer 2016 – current top songs that are indicative of summer 2016, Sean Paul resurfacing – he used to be a huge musical star, mini tribute to his music
  • Wilder vs Arreola – Arreola’s last shot at becoming the first ever Mexican heavyweight champ, wilder beat him with a broken hand, Wilder is such a likeable guy that it’s easy to root for him
  • Rich’s weekend adventures – brunch and bowling with spot and their wives, rich gets super competitive even during a friendly game of bowling
  • Vice Principals – New Danny Mcbride show that gets rich’s approval, had Danny on the show on Friday, looks like it’ll be up there with Eastbound and Down, his co-star Walton Goggins is recognizable from a few things but hilarious in this show, other shows to check out like The Night Before and Stranger Things
  • Lebron James scandalous DM – Rachel Bush posted a DM from Lebron to her, who’s more wrong in this situation, Instagram models taking advantage of their hotness, the lifestyle of traveling all over the world and not paying a thing, girls looking for sponsors
  • Spot’s News segment – 2016 RNC kicks off tonight with a few speakers, Pokemon Go gets hacked, Jon Jones losing $30 million
  • Fish Bras – new internet trend of girls posting photos with fish they caught across their chest, Covino wants to start a trend of his own


  • Keeping in touch with friends – hard to do, time passes so fast
  • Big Papi’s farewell tour – who’s more valuable to their team – Big Papi to the red sox or Jeter to the Yankees, Jeter was a defensive asset, Big Papi has meant a lot to the team, rallied during the 2004 world series, both have different strengths in different areas, equally important to the success of their teams