Covino & Rich Show Recap: 5-6-16

Covino & Rich –  Friday, 5/6/16


Show Topics

  • Guac off Recap – highlights from yesterday’s 11th Annual Guac Off, Sunny Anderson was the big winner, she really deserved the win and it meant a lot to her so we were happy she won, play Sunny’s post show speech, Spot beat Rich which he was happy about, Spot said he made the best Guac of his life, Sunny added meat to her Guac so it was more of a dip than a guac, realize how much people love the Guac off at SiriusXM, it’s our biggest contribution to the office, going out after the guac off



  • 80s Rock Friday – Electric Light Orchestra, didn’t realize how many hits they had
  • News Alert – Girl strangled and set on fire for helping her friend to escape the village and elope
  • News Alert – wildfires in Fort McMurray Alberta, have a lot of listeners in the area, 95k people evacuated
  • News Alert – Kardashian Drama, new season of keeping up with the Kardashians shows Rob getting engaged to Blac Chyna, weird dynamic since it’s his sister’s boyfriend’s baby’s mama
  • Caitlyn Jenner will be appearing nude on the cover of Sports Illustrated with her gold medal draped in the American Flag – people are upset over this, sparks a debate on the show, Covino feels like she’s using Bruce when it’s convenient for her, it was Bruce Jenner that won the medal and not Caitlyn, he’s upset with the inconsistencies, Rich is more open-minded about the situation, abuse of the American flag, point about Rich not being open-minded about other people’s views and closed-mindedness
  • Farrah Abraham getting flack for waxing her 6-year-old daughter’s eyebrows – parents have the right to groom their kids if it avoids humiliation, might just be doing it to get attention
  • Teachers pushing their political views on students – teacher saying Trump is bad, when we were kids teachers used to skew us one way during election years, teachers today are on high alert and can’t offend anyone
  • New Justin Timberlake song – play it and give our opinions, rich thinks it’ll be a hit, he has built in respect and credibility, Covino needs to listen to a song more than once to give an honest opinion, first listen is never enough