Covino & Rich Show Recap: 3-18-16

Covino & Rich – Friday, 3/18/16

Show Topics

  • Covino’s dog recap – his dog passed away yesterday, had to run home and handle the situation, emotional day, helping his wife and daughter to cope, brought up difficult topics to his 6 year old daughter, had to be the man of the house
  • Great guests this week – JB Smoove wisdom, Alonzo Bodden’s life advice for Covino, did Rich offend Amanda Peet when commenting on Peter Dinklage as the King of the little people
  • Listener Hypothetical – for a month, rather have Rihanna’s “Work” as your ringtone or wear Trump’s “Make America Great Again” hat, good social media response
  • 80s music Friday – talk about if anyone would look good with an 80s glam rock look like the lead singer of Whitesnake, what 80s look would C&R have? Rich would have the Pat Sajak/John Davidson look, Covino would have the Fez look
  • Waze Voices – Morgan Freeman is a voice on the Waze navigation app, other voices we’d want to hear on the app, sounds like the setup for a lame comedy routine
  • Quick movie review – 10 Cloverfield Lane
  • Finding your neighborhood bar – Rich found a bar last night that reminded him of a lowkey NYC irish pub, finding a place that fits your vibe, asserting yourself as a regular at a bar, chill place to hang when you have friends visiting, easy to get sucked into the douchey LA scene so this was a nice change of pace, Covino says Rich always preaches the “When in Rome…” attitude but not on this, is there an underlying issue regarding RIch’s feelings about the city of LA
  • News Alerts – Election Update, Fabio is now a US Citizen and looking for love, why is Fabio popular outside of I Can’t Believe it’s Not butter and romance novels?, Larry Bird saying he might not live much past 70 based on other players
  • Family dynamics – Covino gets a text from his brother asking about the relation of him to one of their cousins, younger siblings don’t have the same interaction with the family as older siblings, Spot is into family trees because he’s the youngest and didn’t grasp a lot of family connections