Covino and Rich Show Recap – Wednesday 7-3-19

Covino & Rich— Wednesday, 7/3/19

Show Topics:

  • Rich always stops on Hollywood Boulevard for his beloved morning coffee. The touristy area has zero parking whatsoever, but since it takes him 20 seconds to pick up his cup, he usually just pulls into the red. Recently policemen have been monitoring his illegal parking, so he trusted the valet guys across the street to watch his car as a way to outsmart the police. When he returned 20 seconds later, his car smelled like farts, proving to him there’s no safe place to park for his favorite cup of joe.
  • Tipping one dollar is demeaning and worse than not tipping at all, or so Rich has been told. Its best to always tip at least two dollars for basic services that people insist on, such as carrying your bags at the hotel, to avoid insulting them. The guys decide all of this is true, unless you are getting a beer at a bar, where you should only tip one, and with a mixed drink you should tip two.
  • In today’s random news the guys discuss Alex Morgan’s tea sipping celebration, follower KD heading to the Knicks with Kyrie, Kaepernick’s power over Nike, and the electability of a gay president in today’s society.
  • Jake is considering moving in with an old flame. They both need to find new housing around LA, so it seems like a worthwhile option to post up as new roommates. Rich predicts the next year of Jake’s life looking exactly like a “How I Met Your Mother,” Ted and Robin disaster. It just seems entirely possible that two attractive people can live together and not get together.
  • Covino is headed to Idaho to spend the holiday with the “in-laws.” Rich is convinced that a fresh batch of boozy Doodle Dandies will be the way to win them over, but Covino isn’t having it. Rich however, says they are in such popular demand that he’s even going to make a non-alcoholic version for his nieces and nephews. Stay tuned on the Covino and Rich Instagram to see a step by step process on how to make your own boozy Doodle Dandies for this holiday season.
  • Sasha’s friend can’t get hard around his new love interests. Is this sort of youthful, erectile dysfunction common in guys? Covino likes to think that your penis has an instinct, knowing which situations you shouldn’t be part of. Both guys agree it can be due to a mental block such as a broken heart or depression. Rich shares personal anecdotes on how to hide the lack of a boner, but men the bottom line is, follow your hose because it always knows.