Covino & Rich— Wednesday, 7/17/19

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  • The guys miss Jake, but Archie is doing great. With Archie’s initiative and social media smarts, the guys are going to go big places. They hope Archie gets to stick around for a while, because it seems like the moment they get a board operator who “perfectly tickles the balls of their show,” they move on to bigger and better. 
  •  Covino, Rich and Spot are still raving about the new face app. This app is so technologically advanced that they’re convinced it provides and entirely accurate view of what they will look like when they are older. Covino begins to wonder if anyone else (besides him) has put their significant other’s photograph into this app out of pure curiosity. He then wonders though, what kind of pure asshole would potentially stay out of a relationship with someone, just because of what they might look like in their old age? Despite all of the fun chatter with the app, fans call in to remind the guys that this app steals your personal data and hand it off to spies. 
  • After Rich learned that people he respects highly buy things off of Instagram ads, he was inspired to do the same. Now he’s buying graphic tee’s left and right to wear on ESPN. He enjoys the targeted marketing on Instagram and Facebook and that it seems like the ads are customized to him and his interests. Covino can’t get on board with ad purchases because he has trust issues, and fans call in with testing strategies to see what influences your social media ads. 
  • A friend in need shares his experience with finding a long lost family member. Much to Rich’s surprise, he learns that and 23andMe can actually link you to live relatives, even though he’s seen Producer Spot’s profile before. Our friend in need’s story inspired an influx of phone calls from fans who share their experiences about adoption, long lost family members, false heritages and even toilet bowl births. 
  •   Rich discovers a potty training method that can be effective in just 10 days. The guys rock out to their favorite potty training, nursery rhyme, ultimately making them wish their kids didn’t have to grow up so fast. The heartbreaking truth is that even though their kids will soon forget those silly songs, they will truly never forget them.